Storyteller Tamara Green
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Tamara's Story

Tamara was born in Memphis, Tennessee, the Home of the Blues and Elvis Presley.  She received her B.S. degree in English Education and a Masters of Fine Arts in Performing Arts.  Tamara is a member of the Tampa Bay Storyteller's Guild and the Florida Storytelling Association.

After moving to Florida, Tamara met a whole bunch of artist called "Storytellers."  They reminded her of her mother and father who were also storytellers.  In fact, she was inspired by her father, Willie Frank Glover, who was a master teller of stories from way-back-when.  He fluently recounted long work days and stormy nights while living in the Mississippi Delta.  

Tamara wondered why her father told the same stories over and over again.  There were always stories and old sayings in her house that she thought very little of.  As time passed, she began to treasure her father's gift.  

Tamara realized that in her house,  stories were an open window to the past and a portal to her future. It is with great pride that she crafts the master teller's stories with her own Citified Urban Tales. These are the stories that embrace the beauty of living in the neighborhood.  She also offers African Stories, African-American Stories, and Florida Stories.  Sometimes guided by humor, Tamara's stories are sure to make you laugh, keep you strong, and teach you how to successfully manuver through this pathway called life.   

Storyteller Tamara Green

(813) 416-667
"A story is a pattern that unfolds into the history and the heart of the people it tells about.  It is a needle, thread, and thimble that establishes a finished garment freely given to all."
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