Storyteller Tamara Green
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                                          WORKSHOP SELECTIONS

Writing Tools for Story Writers

Every story has to start somewhere.  What triggers a story idea?  Believe it or not stories are born out of almost anything from a situation to a character who was either a part of your life or outside of your own personal space.  You can learn how to readily draw upon actual events in  order to spin a story.   Let's do what writers do.  Let's initate, evaluate and write!

 Equipping Your Story Characters

This workshop places emphasis on building story characters through facial expressions, vocal variety and physical traits.  Just as the eyes are the window to the soul, the face speaks volumes to the heart of the listener.  The vocal quality of a storyteller affects the emotion of the listener.  Once we have a face on our character and created vocal variety, then it's time to build the physical traits of the character.  Like a pebble that causes a ripple in a pond, so it is with our imagination as it leaps on the back of a walking and talking character.

Initiating Reading and Writing Through Storytelling      

Storytelling is an innovative way to reinforce listening skills, critical thinking skills, and writing technique.  Through hearing and seeing a story come alive, students are encouraged to recall family events ands stories that they could eventually write about.  Elements of the story and story structure are clearly evident as they pertain to proven reading and writing skills taught in the classroom.  This workshop can be helpful to teachers ands storytellers at all levels of proficiency who want to discover how to find character traits that bond with listeners.

                                                              Program Kaleidoscope

    • Don't Touch It If... stories that will teach you to think before you do       

    • Florida Stories... tales that touch the back roads and the many faces of Florida

    • Scary Stories that Might Make You Forget to Swallow... Stories that you don't won't to hear alone 

    • The African Experience... African-American stories of diversity, encouragement, sharing, and success 

    • Citified Urban Tales... tales of thankfulness, respect, and love in the neighborhood











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